Thu, Aug 4, 2017



Summer’s over and it’s time for another lazy offseason, right? Wrong!

When winter has passed, do you want to feel bloated and tired or ripped and strong?

If you’re ready to work hard for big, lean gains, you’ve come to the right place. Mass Performance Program is a 10 week trainer designed to make the most of your offseason.

Muscle & Strength’s Mass Performance Program will increase your training intensity to keep you in top shape even as you add size.

Key to the success of your lean gains is Mass Performance Program’s custom nutrition and supplementation plan which includes a BMR tracking tool and full macronutrient breakdown.

Team Dymatize athletes David Morin and Justin Woltering are here to coach you through the 10 week program.

Are you ready to add 10 pounds of lean mass in 10 intense weeks? Download the free ebook, check out the videos, and get ready for an offseason unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

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