Transformed: Week 9, Day 58 – Push/Challenge Workout

Thu, Aug 4, 2017



Conventional wisdom can be wrong as often as right in the world of health and fitness. Here’s a myth you need to avoid, to go along with today’s challenge workout!


When it comes to nutrition, false or misleading information seems to be everywhere. The worst part? Most of these claims come from nutrition “experts” with millions taking their word as gospel! For this reason, it can be extremely difficult to determine what’s accurate and what’s nothing more than a bunch of gibberish. Here’s one sterling example.


Most of us are less active in the later hours of the day, so it seems reasonable to think that your body will store excess carbohydrates as fat because you’re not using them for energy. But the reality is that your metabolism isn’t much different at night than it is during the day.1,2

A 2011 study examining the effects of carb timing found that participants who ate 80 percent of their total carbohydrate intake at night lost significantly more weight and body fat than the group who ate their carbs throughout the day.3 Additionally, the group that feasted on carbs at night reported feeling less hunger.

Don’t fear carbs at night. While we’re not suggesting you finish every day with a slice of cake, a little bit of carbs coupled with some protein will not only help you go to bed with a happier stomach, but you’ll help your muscles grow and recover faster.

For more information, check out “10 Nutrition Myths Debunked” by’sence editor, Krissy Kendal, and Dymatize chief science officer, Dr. Rob Wildman.

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